Life in the Quantum Hologram



Meet the Actors:

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Hussein Obama, Palestinian President terror chief Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan King Abdullahick



Here are examples of the Double-Headed Eagle (it plays both sides, good and evil, yet they are of one body -- the same esoteric cult):



We see high ranking officials in America showing their allegience to ... Satan?

As well as other parts of the world:

As well as religious leaders:


Are you ready for real change?  The many people who felt so hopeful that Obama would be the man to bring about change in America by now are realizing they were fooled again.  However, it is an excellent reality check to conclude that real change must come from within each of us.  It seems most people want someone else to take care of things for them.  We keep looking for some inventor to come up with new products that are ecologically sound to replace the current products destructive to our environment, someone to steer our country away from war, someone to keep our streets safe from crime, etc.  Yet solutions to any and all of these problems have already been solved—in many cases, they have been discovered decades ago.

Plastic products can be replaced with cellulose material, even dairy.  According to David Blume, author of “Alcohol Can Be a Gas”, it would only cost half a billion dollars to create enough alcohol refineries to accomodate every vehicle in the world.  The fuel would retail for less than $3/gallon and each car could easily be converted to run on alcohol.  Other vehicles could be made to run on compressed air such the MDI vehicles or the diPietro air engine.  The 20th Century also possessed many free energy inventors: Nicola Tesla, Henry Morray, Howard Johnson, Stanley Meyer, Edwin V. Gray, to name a few.  So why don’t we hear more of these inventors?  Why have these solutions been squelched?  Why do our politicians still support nuclear energy and drilling offshore for more oil?

You might think that our politicians are corrupt.  The “system” is corrupt.  It’s all about greed, about money.  This may be true to some extent.  This website, however, will present compelling evidence to suggest it is beyond corruption and that events unfold as ritual or a play, its script written perhaps eons ago.  After reviewing all the information this website has to offer, my hope is that your mind will be open to the following possibilites:

* that world leaders, including the pope, conspire together as an esoteric group

that intelligent life does in fact exist elsewhere in the universe and that many of these off-world people have visited our planet throughout the ages, as well as presently

* that at least one race of off worlders may have been ruling humans since the alleged beginning of our civilization and may still be here directing the show behind the curtain (see how Cydonia Mars matches up to Washington, DC)

that the US military has reversed engineered anti-gravitational craft from downed ET vehicles and have plans for a staged alien invasion

Most importantly, after cleansing yourself of the goo of illusion, you will learn simple solutions for making a positive change, a real change, for a better you and a better world.